Top benefits for you

qualified labor


More than 70% of all young people in the Balkans speak at least one foreign language fluently and many of them speak two languages. Rating Agency employs agents and interviewers, who have been trained according the highest standards for Call Centre operations. They are permanently monitored, evaluated and encouraged to advance their skills.

scalable capacity


Rating Agency has ability to expand its reach and service potential depending on your needs. At present, we have 50 fully equipped CATI stations in Macedonia with the ability to use 150 more in the region. Our approach is customer oriented and we can scale, adapt and customize our technologies to meet your requirements.

qulaity assurance


The quality control of the work processes is basically the driver of the progress in the call centre business. At Rating International we have developed quality control measurement system which assures excellent workflow in line with the strictly prescribed standard operating procedures.

data security

DATA Security

We put strong accent on protection of our client’s information and data. We know how delicate and important information is and advance information security managements systems are implemented in our work. This includes exchanging information over secure platform (VPN or FTP), regular backups on short time intervals and high internet protection with antivirus software and firewalls.

greater value

Our agents-your employees

We can build a team of dedicated agents working for your company solely. One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing is whether the agents will represent the company properly, understand the company culture and permanently develop their skills. This is why we strongly encourage collaboration on regular basis where our agents basically become your employees. You can monitor their progress, organize face to face trainings and get to know them well. This will reduce the possible cultural and geographical gap that may occur and secure long term collaboration.

greater value


Quality and satisfaction guarantee with lowered operative cost and investment in new equipment, environment, phone lines or employees will bring about BIGGER VALUE for you and your clients.


We can be your voice in so many languages. Our native speaking agents can represent your company in: German, English, Italian, French, Greek, Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian), Albanian and Macedonian language.


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market research

Cati Research

Having specialized in market research and surveys methodologies, we are most proficient in CATI services regardless of the industry in German, Swiss, English and all Balkan languages

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appointment setting

Settings Services

We will help you to increase sales by arranging qualified appointments with your prospects. With specific methodology and technology we communicate professionally in B2B or B2C market to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces results. Any new business starts with an appointment.

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back office

Back Office

There are definitely many ways to increase your sales. One of them is to focus on your core business and develop your products and leave all administrative back office services to us. Back office work outsourcing is one of the first steps towards more productive and more effective work flow in large companies, thus it is cost cutting opportunity.

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customer service

Customer Service/
Customer Support

When you care about your customers, they care about you. It is the customer relation and loyalty that drive growth in any business, regardless the size or the industry of the company. The customer experience isn’t a single point in time. It’s what happens across all the touch points with your brand. It as an ongoing process which should be given a top priority.

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We offer you a possibility to test our services and agents for free. We understand that companies are often skeptical about the quality and we want to be as transparent as possible from the very beginning. The trial period will avoid possible misunderstandings and will allow you to bring a well informed decision.